Why is Local Better?

Adirondack Creamery is less than 150 miles from New York City, the Albany Capital Region, and the North Country Region where we distribute our products.  At Adirondack Creamery, we believe that local products taste better, are better for us and are better for the environment.

Farm Fresh Milk

All of the rbsT free milk and cream used in our ice cream comes from nine small family farms located in the Hudson Valley. Approximately 36 hours after the milk leaves the farms, we turn it into ice cream right inside a dairy that is in close proximity to the family farms.  Our creamery’s close proximity to both our customers and the milk producing farms allows us to also help the environment by reducing the fuel required to transport our ingredients and products.


Our ice cream is based on our own old-fashioned recipe of cream, milk, sugar, and eggs, to which we add only the finest quality vanilla, chocolate, nuts, spices, and fruits.  We do not use any stabilizers, emulsifiers, artificial ingredients, colors, or other additive/replacements. We also strive to source our special ingredients from local businesses.  For example, the all natural “bark” in our Barkeater flavor comes from Krause’s in Saugerties based on the family recipe of our production manager, Jan Whitebread.  The all-natural peppermint sticks in our peppermint ice cream is specially made for us from Michael’s Candy in Kingston, NY.  For a description of the ingredients in all of our flavors, please click here.


Adirondack Creamery is one of the few ice cream companies which makes all of its own ice cream right inside the dairy from scratch.  We are a small, independently owned and operated company and we do not outsource our production to co-packaging facilities.  For a look into our production, please see this video of Paul and Jan Whitebread.